'From someone who has suffered from postnatal depression, I have tried the conventional counselling sessions and found that I would leave those sessions feeling worse and even more confused about myself. I find my sessions with Michelle have made me calmer and more at peace with who I am (past and present me). She has helped me dig deep into myself, to the actual core of my worries/concerns/negative thoughts etc and has helped
me understand them and accept them for what they are. She has shown me ways on how to create and direct them into positive energy with her guidance through meditation
(soul healing) and positive affirmations.

No session is the same. She takes on whatever direction she feels is required at that point and gives you options on which path you want to take at the time. She seems guided by your energy. I always leave the sessions feeling so much lighter (clearer) physically, emotionally and mentally.'

'When you're feeling overwhelmed, seeing Michelle helps you look at things in a different way and then you can make changes to better your life and the people around you.'

'If the stresses of life are weighing you down Michelle is your answer to find your way back to feeling yourself again. After each session with Michelle I left feeling lighter and able to conquer anything. Thanks so much Michelle.'

'I love my sessions with Michelle. Her softly spoken voice, her inspiring words and her loving nature take me to a place of love, comfort and peace. I walk out of her session feeling like I've just been touched by an angel.'

'I began seeing Michelle at 5 months into my pregnancy for regular aches and pains. After my first visit I felt renewed and refreshed, probably the best massage I have had. Michelle's treatments provide an opportunity for me to relax and rejuvenate and help to manage the stressors of daily life. I have felt such a benefit both physically and psychologically through my treatments with Michelle. I leave these treatments feeling rested and calm. I look forward to my massages and would recommend her treatments to any pregnant woman as an essential part of her pregnancy care. Michelle's holistic approach provides a unique experience which provides both physical and psychological benefits.'

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