Celebrating 20 Years .... Fostering Pathways to Wellness

The inspiration for the business name, Baby & Beyond, comes from the
cycles of life and our role as therapists w
ithin these cycles.

Baby Massage Classes be an empowered parent by learning how to share infant massage with your baby; harnessing positive touch, enhancing bonding and so much more.

Sandplay for Children is a form of therapy that is perfect for supporting children between 4-14 years old. We all wish for our children to be happy and healthy, yet growing up is not always easy. Support your child to be emotionally healthy.

Ecopsychology wanting change? Whether it is understanding, peace, to be comfortable in your skin, to shift those patterns in your life that no longer feel OK or anything that comes to your mind that you would like to achieve but don't know where to start. It starts with you taking action be courageous and book an appointment!

Healing - deeply relaxing and profoundly replenishing. W hy not exercise your right to keep yourself energetically fabulous, with the same value we put on keeping fit. Total wellbeing embraces all aspects of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and our deeper essence (known as many things our spirit, soul, divine nature, higher self)

Calling all Healers Would you like to engage in a community of like-minded
people? Want to fine tune your skills? Do you receive regular healings?
Check out Healing for Humanity , it could be just what you are looking for.

Not a healer, but would like to receive a healing - make a donation to Healing
for Humanity
and we will provide you with a distant healing

Courses ever wanted to learn how to heal, use crystals, clear a space or read
the Tarot?

We would be honoured to care for you in your journey through the cycles of life.


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