Infant Massage
A hands-on parent and baby class where you will learn the skills to competently massage your baby, as well as focusing on specific techniques such as colic relief. This is one of
the most valuable skills you can learn to empower yourself and become the best parent you can possibly be.

Sandplay for Children
Sandplay Therapy is for everybody  children, adolescents and adults. It is a powerful agent of transformation, with an indigenous connection to the Native American Sandpaintings and a Western cultural history that has developed and refined it since the 1920's.  Sandplay is a unique form of therapy, which utilises small models and a sand tray.  The sand tray becomes a blank canvas and a uniquely safe space for our innermost aspects to be explored. Sandplay brings awareness and  attention to vital parts of us that may hold pain memories, frustrations, or other emotional blockages.  The results are profound, bringing conscious understanding to why we act and feel the way we do. This new level of understanding, empowers you to create change; change within yourself and your relationships (family, friends and work).  The result is a positive rippling effect throughout life, much like a pebble that is dropped into a pond.


Ecopsychology - This exciting new field explores the psyche's experience
of our individual, social, physical and spiritual environments.

Fine, you may be thinking, but what does this really mean? To me, it is about exploring those feelings and patterns in our lives that impact our emotional landscape and holding
of ourselves in any given environment.

In an Ecopsychology session, we can safely open into connecting our mind and body to reveal the understanding behind these experiences. By nurturing this connection and where you are in your life, we can align to your own inner wisdom. That which holds the keys to unlock, heal and empower you to be at peace with all that you are and all that you can be.

EPEM Holistic Kinesiology - This advanced and unique form of healing uses muscle testing to work with the body's bio-computer. It can work on all levels of the being to correct circuits that have gone off-line, due to impacting experiences that have been stored in
our system.

Angelic Healing - Angels are considered messengers of the supreme ultimate being. Angels are emanations or spirits of this being, just as sunbeams are to the sun. By cosmic law, angels serve to answer our call. In an Angelic Healing we call on their energy and they will answer with all the power of the universe.

Crystal Healing - Crystal healing uses the specific qualities of crystals to promote healing within the body systems and human energy field. Much like essential oils, every crystal has a purpose and effect. In a healing session, crystals are selected and a layout is activated to meet your highest good and well-being.

Shamanic Healing - Michael Harner, a genuinely shamanically trained Anthropologist, defines it as 'a man or woman who enters an altered state of consciousness at will to contact and utilize an ordinarily hidden reality in order to acquire knowledge and power to help other persons' - like a middle man between ordinary and non-ordinary reality. I chose this quote because Shamanism is one of the most widespread and ancient forms of healing which is emerging into a contemporary Western modality.

Reiki - Universal life force that represents harmony, wholeness and balance.
In a Reiki treatment this energy is used to activate, release and transform subtle energies to promote wellness.

Seichim - Said to be the parent energy of all hands-on healing systems, a Seichim treatment works on all levels and dimensions (physical, mental, emotional and subtle bodies) at the same time. Its ability is not only to heal but also to empower greater understanding of your spiritual self.

Ear Candling - An ancient technique used to remove excess ear wax, relieve tension in the head and re-establish a general equilibrium and well-being.

Space Clearing Home or Business - When was the last time you energetically cared for the space in which you spend most of your life? Whether it is at home with loved ones and friends or interacting with colleagues, clients and your business dreams it is as important to perform this essential and necessary task as it is to wash your clothes. Why not have us tend to and care for your sacred space? We offer a basic package to clear
the space of residual energy from the natural ebb and flow of life, like washing your car I suppose, or a complete package that includes creating a grid to support the manifestation of your dreams.

Embrasing growth
and life together